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Netflix movie from a comedy legend gets its first trailer

Can you picture watching a whole movie about Pop-Tarts? Well, it's coming

Netflix movie from a comedy legend gets its first trailer
Andrew Williams
29 March 2024

Did you know Jerry Seinfield is a film director? He is now, thanks to Unfrosted, an upcoming Netflix movie that just got its first trailer.

Unfrosted is the story of how Pop-Tarts came to be. It’s not a documentary, but a comedy. And it’s coming to Netflix on May 3.

Have a look at the trailer:

Jerry Seinfeld takes on a lead acting role in Unfrosted as well as making his directorial debut (in movies at least) and co-writing the script. He plays a high-flying exec in the Kellogg’s corporation, which has to come up with a breakfast product after rival Post creates a breakfast pastry.

This may sound like a bizarre follow-up to Air, the 2023 film based on the creation of the Nike Air Jordan shoe. But aside from the fact Pop-Tarts were indeed invented in the mid-60s when Unfrosted is set, the film is not meant to bear any true relation to reality.

It’s a race to get these pastries into the hands of the American public, to “reinvent breakfast” as Seinfeld’s character puts it.

“We stole from a lot of different movies. We stole from The Godfather, we stole from Mad Men, we stole from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. So, when you watch the movie, see if you can count how many movies we ripped off,” says Seinfeld.

Certain parts of the Unfrosted trailer strike us as bit stilted, but you can’t argue with the cast assembled for this film.

We see Melissa McCarthy as another Kellogg’s exec, Amy Schumer as a bigwig at rival Post, Hugh Grant as Tony the Tiger and, a real eye-opener, Bill Burr as John F. Kennedy.

The cast also includes James Marsden, Jack Brayer, Christian Slater, Fred Armisen and Jim Gaffigan, among other notable names in comedy. Seinfeld may have pulled in some favours for this one.

IMDb has the film’s budget estimated at a tiny $14.2 million, but the source for that appears to be an old Variety article from 2022, which suggests Netflix received that much in tax credits from the California Film Commission for the movie.

Unfrosted is due out on Netflix on May 3.