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These are all the things Netflix needs, according to the internet

We will never be satisfied

These are all the things Netflix needs, according to the internet
26 July 2017

Look, Netflix: get your act together. 

Sure, you’re packing well over 4,000 movies and TV series’, among them some truly excellent originals (House of CardsJessica JonesBoJack HorsemanStranger Things), stone cold classics (Hot Fuzz, Shawshank, Pulp Fiction, Whiplash), and enough documentaries to get you through several dozen bleary-eyed hangovers - but it’s not enough. 

In fact, the internet is so unhappy with your meagre offering that it has congregated on Twitter under the hashtag #NetflixNeeds. Time to pull your finger out (just kidding, we love you, and also please make Arrested Development available for offline downloads). 

Here are some of the best suggestions. 

This one had a few votes…

The streaming service has you pretty well set for Pokemon and SpongeBob, but are are some glaring omissions in the nostalgia-inducing kids lineup. 

I’m all for ‘don’t ask, don’t get’, but it feels like there’s more chance of the White Walkers cracking open a cold one with Jon and the boys than this happening. 

Now that would be a marathon.

Turns out (most likely due to complex licensing arrangements they can do little about) a lot of stuff is missing. 

And we’ll give the final (emphatic) word to this guy, who I’m pretty confident speaks for every Netflix subscriber on this angry little island.

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