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Netflix has just ordered a bundle of new crime content from Europe

New content incoming!

Netflix has just ordered a bundle of new crime content from Europe

Netflix has commissioned a host of new content direct from Europe - and it's enough to keep even the most die-hard armchair investigators happy.

Making the announcement at Series Mania Festival, Netflix's VP of European Content, Larry Tanz, unveiled the new crime commissions in-line with the streamer's international content roster reveal.
Among the new series, which could hit our screens as early as next year, are offerings from France and the Netherlands.
Super sleuths might well recognise the Dutch offering, with hit crime series Amsterdam Empire starring and executive produced by Famke Janssen set to join a yet untitled French thriller starring Isabelle Adjani.

It follows the news that not one, not two, but FOUR new crime shows are poised to land on the streaming service.

Unveiling the news last week, Netflix revealed the string of British-made crime series would be accompanied by more reality TV and the much-welcomed return of Black Mirror.

The crime winners include Adolescence, The Witness, The Choice and Missing You.

But back to the latest European slate.

As for the French thriller series, expect twists aplenty as a young mother on the run finds herself a job as a picker in a prestigious flower farm in Provence.

Created by Nils Antoine Sambuc and will be directed by Marie Jardillier, the new series sounds pretty idylic.

But as with any self-respecting crime drama, murder is afoot, with the mysterious death of the family-run company's patriarch causing all eyes to settle on the new arrival.

What's more, the mysterious women receives an unexpected windfall, as it's revealed she's the beneficiary of the late patriarch’s estate - nothing stirs up tension and family feuds quite like money, ammirite?

The Dutch offering meanwhile is set to be directed by Jonas Govaerts and follows a character called Jack van Doorn, a rich coffee shop founder who runs a caffeine-fuelled empire called Jackal.

Cue a host of absurd Dutch laws that are borderline laughable, alongside a host of criminals and a sordid affair to-boot.

Created by Nico Moolenaar, Bart Uytdenhouwen and Piet Matthys, it looks to be a thriller.

It also follows the news that a brand new Nordic crime drama is in the works - and it sounds dark.

With so many new crime shows set to land on the streaming service over the next 12 months, we're going to have our work cut out identifying the cream of the crop that's worth your time.