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Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's likened to a Tarantino classic

Exciting new Netflix drama has landed.

Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's likened to a Tarantino classic

Netflix usually plays it safe with its own-funded movies but its latest number one is not afraid to court controversy, thanks to its Tarantino-esque violence and plot.

Blood & Gold is set in WWII and is a German-language Netflix Original. It's about a German deserter and a woman, near the end of the war, who have to fight for their lives when some Nazis try and search for hidden gold.

As you can tell by the title, this is not a subtle film but it's one that has a huge amount of filmmaking flair, thanks to the direction of Peter Thorwarth.

This one premiered at Fantasty Fest back in April which means, even though it is brand-new to Netflix, it already had some decent reviews - and it's currently standing with an impressive 80% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Netflix has a new number one movie - and it's likened to a Tarantino classic
Image Credit: Netflix

The LA Times said about Blood & Gold: "The film as a whole is suffused with a believable world-weariness, carried by people who have endured years of violence and brutality and who no longer have any compunction about ditching morality for the sake of survival."

While Roger wasn't as hot on it, it did note: "This unabashedly trashy project from director Peter Thorwarth has its moments of invention and excitement in the early going, but the constant spray of bullets and body parts proves numbing."

Not so for Ready Steady Cut, with its review noting its obvious similarities to another movie, by Quentin Tarantino: "Blood & Gold is a very good film and may be the best of its kind since Inglourious Basterds."

Netflix viewers have flocked to this one, with Blood & Gold currently the number one Netflix movie globally right now. The film, according to Flix Patrol, the film is currently beating Tin & Tina and The Mother, both Netflix Originals, to the top spot.

The full top 10 is as follows:

  • 1. Blood & Gold
  • 2. Tin & Tina
  • 3. The Mother
  • 4. The Year I Started Masturbating
  • 5. Hard Feelings
  • 6. Mother's Day
  • 7. 2 Hearts
  • 8. Where the Tracks End
  • 9. F9
  • 10. Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway

When it comes to the TV side of things, a Netflix Original is also ruling that top 10, but this one comes with a whole load of star power. The rather ridiculous FUBAR stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first-ever TV show - and the series has been a massive hit for the Netflix crowd.