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Netflix has a new number one film - and it's hitting all the right notes

Take a peak behind the scenes of this pitch-perfect documentary release

Netflix has a new number one film - and it's hitting all the right notes
Danielle de Wolfe
08 February 2024

Sometimes, just sometimes, a straight-to-streaming film comes along that captures the grit and gossip of a bygone era like no other - and it seems Netflix's latest chart-topping documentary does just that.

Directed by Bao Nguyen, The Greatest Night in Pop is currently gripping audiences with its unique brand of gossip heavy, A-list nostalgia.

Netflix subscribers can't seem to get enough of it, with the 97-minute documentary debuting at number 1 on the Netflix Top 10, knocking Lift off the top spot where English releases are concerned.

Stepping inside what is arguably the biggest (and most controversial) charity single of all time, We Are The World, this delirious tale of fame and famine is a true masterclass in organisation.

And now 11.9 million Netflix subscribers know what we're on about.

A peekaboo tale sprinkled with 80s nostalgia, the documentary reveals the true extent of the ego-juggling involved when 46 of the world's biggest artists were brought together under one roof in the name of charity.

Featuring candid interviews from the likes of Lionel Richie - who co-wrote ‘We Are the World’ with Michael Jackson, the star also helped produce this feature-length documentary.

Ultimately, the song won four Grammy Awards and raised more than $80 million in total (more than $200 million taking inflation into account) which went towards providing aid in Africa.

Admittedly, the phrase 'how many superstars can you cram into a room?' sounds like some kind of set up to a terrible joke.

But what We Are The World achieved in the name of charity might as well be considered some sort of miracle.

“There’s so many managers and publicists and agents that you’d have to go through,” Nguyen said from Sundance, where he premiered a fortnight ago.

“I wasn’t sure if I was the right person to tell the story,” he added, explaining: “And I’ve actually never done a music documentary.”

But now it appears that Netflix viewers can't get enough of it.

With the tell-all documentary claiming the number one spot on the streaming service, the feature-length release has now amassed more than 19,200,000 hours of viewing time since it dropped on the platform.

That's 3,700 hours more than the new number 2 Netflix release, Orion and the Dark.

The Greatest Night In Pop documents the run-up to, and the recording of, a single that saw the chart toppers of the world under one roof for a night of unpaid work.

The release emerged off the back of the runaway success of BandAid's charity single 'Do They Know It's Christmas?', which became one of the biggest-selling songs of all time.

It's an extensive line-up, featuring everyone from Stevie Wonder and Tina Turner to Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.
Those wanting to catch this impeccable line-up can watch The Greatest Night in Pop in Netflix now.