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These clever Valentine's cards will help nerdy people find true love

"Parallel lines never meet. But we should"

These clever Valentine's cards will help nerdy people find true love
09 February 2018

Valentine’s Day is a tough gig for everyone involved.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ve got to produce the goods, come up with something more memorable and more romantic than last year which, to be fair shouldn’t be too difficult given that last year was a Full Platter (“my treat!”) at Nando’s.

And if you’re not in a relationship, it’s the time when you feel duty bound to finally express your deeply-held feelings to that special person you’ve admired from afar in the form of a card which you (a) hope they will like, (b) hope they will actually realise is from you and (c) if b goes to plan, hope they don’t then laugh in your face.

And it’s doubly difficult - whichever of these camps you sit in - if you happen to be more of a reserved person; perhaps a little bit shy or awkward. Basically, if you’re a full-on geek, Valentine’s Day is possibly the worst thing that anyone’s ever invented.

But fear not, Big Bang Theory fans! Because help is at hand. have released their sixth annual set of printable nerdy Valentine’s cards for you to give to your crush - and best of all, this year’s lot, as well as all of their previous designs are downloadable for free.

There’s some great ones, and some not-so-great ones, so check them out below and decide which person you’re going to declare your undying love for by telling them you find all of their angles complementary…

And this year’s new ones…

(Images: EvilMadScientist)