Neat Robotic Space Missions Posters


Unless you were living under a rock for past week, or found your newsfeed had disappeared up a celebrity's backside, you'll have seen the awe-inspiring photos of the European Space Agency's robotic lander Philae touching down on the surface of a comet after a 10-year trek through the depths of space.

For most of us, the magnitude of such an achievement will have caused our brains to hiccup, struggling to comprehend how a robot the far side of the solar system is beaming back pictures of a rock flying through space at several thousand miles an hour. We didn't have an appropriate way to celebrate the achievement (we made some tea) - until now. 

The artistic team at the Chop Shop has created a gorgeous poster series paying tribute to various robotic space missions that have fascinated us in recent decades. While the Rosetta mission is yet to get its own work, the likes of Voyager, Cassini, Curiosity, the Mars Exploration Rovers and Sputnik are all set to have their own hero-worshipping design. 

Having smashed its Kickstarter campaign, the designs for Cassini, Curiosity and Voyager have been revealed. To pick up your own copy, head to the project page. Here's to the robots. 

(Images: Chop Shop)


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