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My style diary: Jim Chapman

YouTube star turned style icon on wearing his sister's flares and favourite trends

My style diary: Jim Chapman
05 September 2016

Youtubers are the new rockstars, but with a lot less guitar shredding and cocaine.

At the top of that YouTube food chain is Jim Chapman, who at the point of writing this has 2,609,670 subscribers and over 1.9 million Twitter followers. Which is a lot of people.

As well as having a loyal fanbase following his life that could overtake a small country, he's also become a style mogul, writing fashion columns for some of the UK's biggest publications (including ShortList) and sitting frontrow at London Collections Men, as well as creating a special edit for highstreet store John Lewis.

With all this going on, we tracked down the multi-talented man and quizzed him on his outfit mishaps, current trends and more.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever worn?

"The very worst is my sister’s jeans. I was fairly young. She wasn’t particularly cool but I just had my growth spurt, so she was like, “oh you can have my stuff”. So I squeezed into these Diesel flares. Flares were never cool, not even in the Seventies, and definitely not in the early 2000s. Not a lot of crotch room."

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe right now?

"My favourite piece is probably not very seasonally appropriate right now because it’s a winter coat, but it’s a double breasted top coat that my wife bought me in New York. I’ve had it three or four years now and I still wear it every year.

"But for right now, I’ve also got a really beautiful linen suit by John Varvatos. It’s not like old man linen where it’s crinkly and brown, it’s really smart and well-tailored."

What trend are you into at the moment?

"I’m really into the whole Cuban collar thing, which I didn’t think I would be. I’ve invested in a few, and every time I’ve seen people in magazines wearing them I just think it looks really cool."

What’s your go-to brand?

"I’m quite fickle when it comes to brands. I tend to go for what suits me rather than follow brands religiously. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Dunhill, and then high street brands like John Lewis fits really well off the peg for me. Something a bit more affordable with great options."

Best dressed celebrity?

"I think Ryan Gosling does a great job. He wore pyjamas to Cannes and still looked wicked. But all year round, whether he’s on the red carpet or whatever, he looks really cool."

Best dressed musician?

"I always think Alex Turner. When he first started he was very geeky with bushy hair, but then he came back with this Fifties rock ‘n’ roll style which is a great look."

Most stylish city?

"Definitely London. Always the hub for eclectic people from all over the globe. You can go to different parts of London and see so much different influences. Everyone is free to wear what they want."

Your one piece of style advice to pass on?

"Don’t overthink it. When you know the rules of your body and how to dress, it doesn’t take much thinking. You know what brands fit you, what jeans look better. Then buy it all in a million colours."

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