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This new real-life serial killer film could be one of 2017's best movies

'My Friend Dahmer' is based on the infamous killer's early years

This new real-life serial killer film could be one of 2017's best movies

I don’t think it’s too weird to admit that I’m obsessed with serial killers - we all are, aren’t we? Don’t tell me you haven’t spent hours on Wikipedia reading about horrendous murders and the maniacs that commited them. You have, and you’ve done it at work, too - so don’t come at me bro, because I’ll tell your boss that instead of getting that report in by five, you’ve had your face pressed into a page about Gacy for three hours.

Or Jeffrey Dahmer, you’ve probably read about him, no? Back in the ‘80s he murdered around 13 men - like, real horrendous stuff this guy was into. You can read all about it over at his Wiki page here, if you fancy losing your lunch.

And now they’ve made a film about him, because obviously, why wouldn’t you - he’s one of the most infamous serial killers in history. There have already been a couple of films about him, including a medium-profile one back in 2002, starring Jeremy Renner as Dahmer. But this one - My Friend Dahmer - is a tad different.

It’s based on a critically-acclaimed graphic novel by John ‘Derf’ Backderf about the author’s childhood friendship with Dahmer, and it follows him from age 12 up until he committed his first murder just after graduation. The film does the same, obviously, and it looks brilliant.

Dahmer’s being played by teeny-bopping Disney Channel actor Ross Lynch, in what’s being hailed as a hugely against-type and brilliant performance.

Just take a look at this:

I don’t like it, it looks scary. Which of course, means I DO LIKE IT.

There’s no UK date set yet, but it’s out in the States on 3 November, so it’ll prob be quite soon after that. Get ready to get the willies!