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MVMT's Gorgeous Watch Collection

MVMT's Gorgeous Watch Collection

MVMT's Gorgeous Watch Collection

Time was, if you wanted a watch that was going to turn heads (and hands) you had to "invest" in a metal lump that boasted a Swiss movement and exotic alloys. Now, a new wave of clean, minimal and - most importantly - affordable watches are changing the face of the watch industry. 

MVMT is the latest label to reveal a smart set of timepieces you can pick up on a budget. The seven new designs all sport a precise Miyota Japanese quartz, encased in an array of sleek 45mm stainless steel cases with leather and metal straps. 

Having started out life on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, MVMT have stayed true to their promise of making beautiful watches that aren't only destined for the wrists of the wealthy. 

With prices ranging between £65 - £100 ($100 - $150) and free world wide shipping, you might have just found yourself a new contender for your Christmas list

(Images: MVMT)

[Via: HypeBeast]