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Müller’s new gin & tonic yogurt takes breakfast to a new level

Move over bottomless brunch, there's a new trend in town

Müller’s new gin & tonic yogurt takes breakfast to a new level
Danielle de Wolfe
26 September 2019

It’s official: you can now have gin and tonic for breakfast without feeling an ounce of guilt. What suddenly makes this frowned upon concept suddenly acceptable, I hear you cry? The yoghurt-y fiends over at Muller have created two new Müllerlight gin and tonic-inspired flavours and they’re about to land at a supermarket near you.

Yes, they sound strange. And yes, they’re the yoghurt flavours you never actually asked for - but my god we’re intrigued.

The two varieties - gin and tonic and pink gin and elderflower - are both fat free, high in protein and contain 0% added sugar. We can feel ourselves getting healthier just by looking at the picture.

“Müller is here to add taste to everyday life, and we know that Müllerlight shoppers enjoy eating our yogurts throughout the day. Gin is the UK’s favourite spirit, and now people can enjoy the taste in a yogurt that is also fat free, high in protein and contains 0% added sugar,” noted Michael Inpong, Chief Marketing Officer at Müller.

OK, so the brand might suggest eating them throughout the day, but we have other ideas...

He also noted that a variety of other creative flavours are currently in the works, remarking: “We’ve already strengthened the core with a new and improved recipe, and we’re launching two new limited editions, Müllerlight Irish Coffee Flavour Yogurt and Müllerlight Mince Pie Flavour Yogurt.”

This is too much to wrap our brains (and taste buds) around.

The yoghurt will be available in multi-packs of six (three gin and tonic, three pink gin and elderflower) from Asda and Tescos with an RRP of £3.

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