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The most hashtagged dog breeds on Instagram have been revealed

Who's been a good boy?

The most hashtagged dog breeds on Instagram have been revealed
23 November 2018

Instagram: a place of shallow, narcissistic bragging about how literally picture perfect your incredible #inspirational life is in the never-ending, unquenchable thirst for likes and self-validation.

But, on the upside, it’s a place that’s overflowing with glorious dogs.

And now you can combine the two with the incredibly useful knowledge we’re about to impart to you: the most hashtagged breeds of dog on the social media platform.

At last, you will know exactly which type of pooch to get into your photo to ensure maximum exposure for your exploits thanks to new ‘research’ conducted by MyVoucherCodes, who ‘analysed hashtag data’ from over 200 dog breeds to find the World’s Most Instagrammable Dog Breeds.

Without further ado, from 20th best dog to top dog, here we go:

20. Boxer - 6.9 million posts

19. Australian Shepherd - 7.3 million posts

18. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 7.6 million posts

17. Boston Terrier - 9.6 million posts

16. Jack Russell - 10.5 million posts

15. Border Collie - 10.9 million posts

14. Shih Tzu - 11.5 million posts

13. Shiba Inu - 11.9 million posts

12. Beagle - 12.7 million posts

11. Standard Poodle - 13.3 million posts

10. Yorkshire Terrier - 14.8 million posts

9. Pomeranian - 15.5 million posts

8. Dachshund - 17.1 million posts

7. Siberian Husky - 17.8 million posts

6. Golden Retriever - 18.6 million posts

5. Labrador Retriever - 19.1 million posts

4. English Bulldog - 24.6 million posts

3. Chihuahua - 27.6 million posts

2. Pug - 29.3 million posts

1. French Bulldog - 39.2 million posts

(Images: Getty)