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Some Italians have created a phone cover that also makes espresso

No, we don't know why either

Some Italians have created a phone cover that also makes espresso

Good news – at last – for people who don’t own kettles: an enterprising pair of young Italian designers have invented a mobile phone case that will also brew and pour your morning espresso.

The Mokase, which heats little wafers of coffee up to 60 degrees celsius in about eight seconds and squirts it out as a regulation 25ml espresso shot, is on Kickstarter right now and apparently isn’t a prank. It’s a slender case that clips to your phone and heats the specially designed coffee cartridges up using an in-built battery that’s operated by an app on the phone itself. Better yet, its creators are at pains to point out that the silicon-aluminium pipe it flows through has even been designed not to release any toxins into your tiny, tepid cup of morning joe.

The company clearly has some money behind it, at least according to its professionally produced, remarkably sexist advertising materials, in which a handsome young buck rescues a sexy, frazzled woman who’s late for work by offering her a trickle of coffee from his weird phone case. Nevertheless, they’re seeking €75,000 (£63,300) in crowdfunding – a sum they’re nowhere near for reasons that utterly escape us. 

According to the official Italian institute of espresso-making, a “certified Italian espresso” comes out of the machine at 88°C, and is consumed at 67°C, so the boys aren’t far off.

The device will be available for a range of smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung, LG and Huawei. It’ll eventually retail for €80 (£67.50), but if you really can’t wait to get your hands on the Mokase, you can get one for a pledge of as little as €49 (£41).

(Image: Mokase)