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'Mobile phone' spotted in Charlie Chaplin film

Woman uses talktime in 1930s

Danielle de Wolfe
27 October 2010

Charlie Chaplin flicks, there's two schools of thought: Comedy genius and silent dullness. What isn't usually associated with the moustachioed one is Sci-Fi movie making.

Scrap that, because it appears Chappers had an unnervingly accurate eye for the future. This footage is taken from some promotional material (DVD extras? This guy really is ahead of his time) from the 1928 film 'The Circus', showing fans heading into the Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

In the background is a lady apparently chatting away on her mob. In fact, we'd go as far as to say she's definitely, 100% on her mobile phone. Fact. Agreed? Agreed.

Via Daily Mail

Main image: Rex