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Minimalist Automotive Icon Poster Series

Minimalist Automotive Icon Poster Series

Minimalist Automotive Icon Poster Series

"We want you to create a design icon with this radiator and two lamps. And if you could leave room for a giant registration number, that would be great."

We've got great respect for the little-known figures from the world of car design: forced to balance aesthetic beauty with safety constraints, mechanical function and cost, these unsung heroes are capable of creating four-wheeled works of art. Left in our hands, every new model of automotive transport would look like a shoebox with wheels - and even then it would probably be wonky.

Jerome Daksiewicz is of a similar mind. His Kickstarter project 'Auto Icon Screen Prints' is looking to pay tribute to some of the most beautiful front ends to have ever rolled off the world's production lines with a series of equally spectacular minimal posters: the most iconic designs of famous manufacturers have been simplified into bold single-line illustrations.

Set to catalogue the best grills of BMW, Ford, General Motors, Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz, with more set to be added if the funding reaches new heights. 

Should you like the look of the finished posters below, you can put in an order for a set over on the Kickstarter page

(Images: Jerome Daksiewicz)