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16 things men think make them seem attractive, but actually really don't

According to women, who know best

16 things men think make them seem attractive, but actually really don't
13 November 2017

You, as a person, will have, at some point, tried to ‘woo’ someone. You did something with the express intention of impressing a potential mate, didn’t you? We’ve all done it - this is no slight in your direction.

Sometimes, this will go well and you might even get lucky - other times though, because you are who you are, you will crash and burn with the strength of a thousand virgin suns.

Taking this fact into account, what Reddit has done, is gathered together a big long list, written by mostly women, of the things that men think will make them appear attractive, but actually have the opposite effect. I’ve helpfully listed the best ones below for you, so that you can put a big strike through them on your chat-up list:

1. Getting in scrapes with the police

2. Flashing the cash

3. Being rude about your ex

4. Going heavy on the cologne

5. Dick pics (we could’ve told you this one)

6. Lynx (Axe to Americans)

7. Baby talk (apparently this is a thing?)

8. Making your voice sound deeper

9. Getting in fights

10. Making fun of people / ‘banter’

11. Covering up that bald spot

12. Being rude to waiting staff

13. Picking someone up without consent

14. Revving your car or motorbike

15. Taking over on simple tasks 

16. Fedoras

Yes, that is correct: take off the fedoras, guys. Remove from head, put in blender, blend, drink. Do anything but wear.

I think that’s enough to be getting on with today - stop all those things above and you’ll greatly increase your success with finding a mate. Godspeed.


(Image: Universal Pictures)