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Masters of Man Time

Masters of Man Time

Masters of Man Time

It doesn’t matter who you are, you need your own space every now and then. You need your Man Time. Whether it's gaming, watching a match or having a quiet pint, we need our own quantum of solace to reflect, recharge and return to normal.

It’s with this in mind that Just For Men asked real life masters to share with us what they do with their Man Time.

Joe Bor is an award winning comedian, writer, actor, and man. He has been a comedian for 9 years and been a man long as he can remember. Stuart Heritage is a feature writer and columnist for the Guardian, while Aaron Gillies (Technically Ron) is an avid twitter user who was named one of the 30 funniest non-celebrity twitterers in the country by the Telegraph in 2013.

Enjoy what they have to say, and perhaps savour a moment to plot your next spot of Man Time.

Joe Bor – Comedian @josephbor

Hi, I'm Joe and I am a man.

I play sports (Snooker is a sport, right?).

I have a fast car (it's a red one and those ones are fast).

I've shot a gun (I don't think it matters that it was on a computer game called 'Duck Hunt').

I go to the gym (I use the cycling machine, mainly 'cos I can balance my gossip magazine on the handlebars).

I have facial hair (I'm not allowed to grow a beard - my wife won't let me... and as it turns out, neither will Mother Nature).

I get drunk on beer with the lads (replace the words 'beer' for 'Prosecco' and 'lads' for 'wife').

I'm a big fan of water sports (well, I bloody love a long bubble bath).

And just the other day, I changed the tyre on my car with the help of a jack (my friend Jack, who is a mechanic).

Because I'm a man.

Stuart Heritage – Journalist @stuheritage

When I’m not doing important, super-masculine work like watching X Factor or tippy-tapping on my keyboard like some sort of obnoxious toddler, I like to make the most of my free time. Maybe I’ll go to the gym and punch things while I listen to aggressive music. Or I’ll run through the woods with my pals as fast as I can, like Harry Potter did in that one film.

But my man time doesn’t necessarily have to be as cartoonishly alpha-male as this. Sometimes I’ll use my free time to cook a nice meal, or watch as many Nicolas Cage films in a row as I can. Sometimes I’ll even be a man by lying face-down on my settee in a dressing gown and just groaning to myself all day. Does getting a foot massage count as a valid use of man time? No? Are you sure?

Aaron Gillies – Tweeter and Theatre Technician @TechnicallyRon

Even in the most loving of relationships, humans need their space. 'Man time' for me is a few drinks every Wednesday with a few friends in a different pub in central London. Exploring the city and its bars, the different patrons, and complaining about the prices. However Cinema trips, the newest video games, writing and arsing about on the internet are all important too.

With an indiscriminate amount of money this would probably be very different, fast cars, exotic animals, a balloon, exotic animals in the balloon. However until fame reaches me the wonders of a good pint in a good pub, with good friends is the finest way to enjoy some quality time.

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