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Marvel’s Kevin Feige confirms a major Fantastic Four rumour

He's set the record straight - and the news is BIG

Marvel’s Kevin Feige confirms a major Fantastic Four rumour

Kevin Feige is on a one man mission to clear up swirling Marvel speculation.

Recent weeks have seen fan speculate hit fever-pitch where the studio's future releases are concerned - none more so than with The Fantastic Four.

Speaking on The Official Marvel Podcast, Feige has now revealed The Fantastic Four will in fact be set in "our world".

Explaining the film is lined up to be a period piece set in the 1960s, Marvel's head honcho added the release will be set in New York City as we know it.

“There was another piece of art we released with Johnny Storm flying in the air making a 4 symbol and there was a cityscape in the corner of that image,” Feige said.
“There were a lot of smart people who noticed that that cityscape didn’t look exactly like the New York that we know, or the New York that existed in the ‘60s in our world.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige confirms a host of major Fantastic Four rumours

"Those are smart observations, I’ll say.”

Marvel Studios decided to slow things down in 2024, with only three new Disney+ series launching on the streaming service: Echo, X-Men ’97 and “Agatha.
Meanwhile, there was only one solitary big screen release slated, with Deadpool & Wolverine's UK release confirmed for July 15.

As for 2025? The studio only has four movies slated to open, with a Captain America sequel, a reboot of Blade, anti-hero film Thunderbolts starring Florence Pugh and Sebastian Stan, and last but certainly not least Fantastic Four.

WandaVision director Matt Shakman takes the helm with this instalment, with the film set to star a host of huge names - think Pedro Pascal, Julia Garner, Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn.

“With the story of the Fantastic Four, it feels like we want to get this right,” Feige has said previously.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige confirms a host of major Fantastic Four rumours

“There are aspects of it that are very different to other Marvel films. That felt very compelling to me. And again, going back to who’s involved, Matt [Shakman], of course, the director, I think is brilliant, and the cast, and I’ve read it, and the script is brilliant. It’s really brilliant. I’m delighted to have this opportunity.”

The Fantastic Four's quartet of superheroes were the first characters created for Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Now, we can't wait to see this brought to life.

“Superhero movies are movies about people,” Feige has previously added.
“And if we’re invested in the people and the characters and the peril and the spectacle, then that’s why people go to the theatres to watch films.
"We’re not just in a penny; we’re in for a pound with this one. We’re going to go for it.”