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According to science you should be doing more 'manspreading'

According to science you should be doing more 'manspreading'

According to science you should be doing more 'manspreading'


While this space-invading tactic may be a strict no-no for commute etiquette, according to 'science' this act of alpha-douchery may also be key to winning over your next Tinder match.

Using speed dating videos and a Tinder-style app to see which sort of body-types people rated as most attractive, researchers at the National Academy of Sciences at the University of California found that the more space a person took up resulted in increased partner requests.

Those who extended their torsos, stretched their legs and spread their arms wide were rewarded with more romantic interest than others, with researchers claiming on some primeval level the postures implied openness and dominance. Conversely, people who hunched themselves up, or crossed their arms and legs, fared poorly in their bids to win over potential partners.

Writing on the findings, Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk and her team called the splaying of arms and legs in online dating photos “dominant, open non-verbal displays at zero acquaintance”. The team believe these physical traits are more attractive as dominant people tend to do better in the workplace and open people are more willing to share what they have in life.

“Based on our results garnered from thousands of single persons at an actual speed dating event, and using a dating application, it is evident that postural expansion can dramatically increase a person’s chances of making a successful initial romantic connection.

“On such platforms, where getting a date with another person commonly begins with a photograph or brief interaction, it is advantageous to know how to maximise one’s chances within such a minimised time frame,” the report surmised.

They’re not wrong either. Such is the instant and superficial nature of smartphone dating - 91m of the world’s population are doing it – like it or not, ensuring your profile photos are up to scratch is now more crucial than ever.

So if you don’t want to miss out on ‘the one’, best limber up now - you’re going to want to look even more laidback than your bio already states.

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