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Man changes title to 99-character name after losing bet

Man changes title to 99-character name after losing bet

Man changes title to 99-character name after losing bet

Call for a Mr Frostnova? Mr Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova?

This staggeringly cumbersome name is now the official title of a New Zealander who followed through on a drunken poker bet.

One letter shy of the nation's 100-character limit, the gambler now known as Frostnova applied to change his name in March 2010 when he lost a hand of poker. Having completed the required paperwork and paid the $127 fee, he promptly forgot all about it, thinking New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) would reject the name for being overly long. The office has previously denied the likes of Majesty, King, Knight, Princess, Justice, Anal, V8, 89, Mafia No Fear, Lucifer, ., and *.

It wasn't until his passport expired in February of this year that Frostnova realised his name had been accepted, and that his driving licence and other official documents would need to be updated accordingly.

A spokesman for the DIA Michael Mead told the New Zealand Press Association that while unusually, the name met the requirements of naming rules. As no numbers or religious terms were involved in the name, it was legally sound.

While the initial post of the confirmation letter on a bodybuilding forum reported that Frostnova would have to wait three years before he could change his name again, Mr Mead said that he could change his name at any time using the same process.

(Via: New Zealand Herald)