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Man buys sheep for 33 grand

Ewe couldn't make it up etc...

Man buys sheep for 33 grand

We don’t know about you, but we reckon this sheep is ‘all that’.

Yep, she’s hot to trot, hence why a farmer from Falkirk has just paid a record-breaking £33,600 ($52,010) for her.

Already knocked up, Elle, named after Elle Macpherson, is an 18-month-old Texel ewe, and has been snapped up by Alasdair Beaton, who’s been breading Texels for 15 years.

Beaton reckons that there are 'certain characteristics' that contribute towards a Texel being a good breeder, and he's hoping to make a mint from his new model.

Elle should seemingly go on to birth record-breakingly pricey lambs and provide fertilised eggs for other less hot sheep, but if all else fails perhaps the lucrative Hollyoaks-style calendars market could be a way to recoup his cash.

Image: Rex