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Lunch of flowers

Bad in theory, bad in practice?

Lunch of flowers
13 February 2012

Ah Valentine's day. The one day of the year when the balance between sense and money gets tipped in favour of the latter. Generally, we don't mind forking out astronomical sums for top flora, but sometimes we'd like to get something in return.

Which brings us on to this. While the way to our hearts on Valentine's day may be to cook us a decent steak (hint), a bunch of "flowers" (above and below) made out of the stuff might not. Emphasis on the might.

Antony Bowness, a butcher from Tewkesbury, who created the bouquet said: “I get asked every year what I’d like for Valentine’s Day and I never know what to suggest. Soppy cards aren’t really my thing and it got me thinking about what I could make for other men out there like me. I mean if you can make a dress from meat, then why not a bunch of roses?”

Each of the bouquets contain a dozen hand-made buds of steak and has been carefully sculpted using cuts of sirloin to create a bunch of roses, with finishing touches including real foliage.

File this present under 'it's the thought that counts'.

Image: Quality standard beef and lamb