Look What Happens When Your Favourite Film Posters Get Emojified


When we woke up this morning, we lived in a world in which the twins from The Shining could not get any creepier.

That was before we saw them get emojified, and fear hit a new level.

An iPhone-loving artist, known as emoji_films on Instagram, has created a host of awesome minimalist interpretations of our favourite films, including Fargo, The Ring, Filth, Spring Breakers and Trainspotting using everyone's favourite mini message graphics. They’ve also done one for Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, which creeps us out so much that we can’t bear to look at it again. It’s the eyes. The still, black, hollow eyes above those psychotic grins. Please, won’t somebody make it stop?

Apart from the one that’ll haunt our dreams forever, we’re big fans.