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Look good Hungover

Look good Hungover

Look good Hungover

It's one of life's cruel realities that hangovers get worse with age. Remember the days when you could spring out of bed in sprightly fashion after 2am tequila shots, ready to take on the world... Or more tequila? For most of us, those days are a fleeting, distant memory that's been replaced with blistering headaches, bloodshot eyes and seriously dehydrated skin.

However, with The Hangover Part III having opened in cinemas this weekend, clocking up a respectable $54.2m at the US box office and reuniting Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis in an unholy screen trinity once more, now seems like the perfect time to roll up our sleeves and think about how to look good with a hangover...

Step 1: Sunglasses

Take a leaf out of leading man Bradley Cooper’s book and always make sure you have your trusty sunglasses to hand. Aviator shades will give you enough tint to hide any bags, whilst also shielding your retinas from the cold light of day. Try these.

Step 2: Get comfortable

When you've got the mother of all hangovers, you'll probably want to curl up in the foetal position wearing a slouchy t-shirt/hoodie and tracksuit bottoms. This won't fly if you've got to step out in respectable society though, so resist the urge to veg out and instead go for casual staples that offer plenty of comfort. Observe:

Don't: Wear smart button-up shirts. Do: Wear cotton polo shirts.

Don't: Wear skinny jeans. Do: Wear straight leg/loose fit chinos or jeans.

Don't: Wear clingy jumpers. Do: wear chunky shawl or crew neck cable knits.

• If you're lucky enough to be staying in all day, then you''ll be needing a pair of the comfiest sweatpants while you lay in front of the telly. Soft fleece types and quality cotton styles will do the job. Try these, these or these.

Step 3: Groom for improvement

Grooming is key to beating the hangover blues, so get in touch with your feminine side and reach for the facial moisturiser to revive tired pores. If you really can’t face shaving, leave it be, but compensate with freshly washed hair and a little splash of a clean, sporty scent. Swig some mouthwash before you go out and stick to the water all day long - hair of the dog is definitely not the way forward!


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