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Londoners have voted for their favourite Tube line, the result is a bit of a surprise

Which is your favourite line?

Londoners have voted for their favourite Tube line, the result is a bit of a surprise
21 August 2017

The Tube is a necessary evil for most Londoners. And, if you’ve ever had to travel during rush hour, you’ll have first-hand experience of the fact that it absolutely is, definitely, legitimately, evil.

But what’s the absolute worst one of the lot? Of the multitude of lines, which one attracts the ire of the most Londoners?

Well, new research from YouGov has revealed that the approximation of Hades that is the Central Line is the least-liked of all of them, alongside the Northern Line which, despite its shiny new carriages and recent upgrade work, is still very much hated. TfL must be wondering why they bothered.

We’re curious though, fully 30% of people questioned said that they ‘generally like’ the Central Line. Have they ever actually been on it? What is it that they like about it? I mean, sure, it takes you to London’s footballing mecca of Brisbane Road via the Leyton stop but that is the only good thing about it. Just a tip but maybe you guys should try going on literally any of the other ones, it might just blow your mind.

At the other end of the scale, it appears that Londoners like underground lines that are not actually underground, with the DLR and Overground taking the third and second spots respectively and the Jubilee line – which includes that lovely bit out in the open from Finchley Road onwards – claiming the most-liked title. Well done the Jubilee Line, have a biscuit.

If you’re reading this, though, you’re clearly a tube nerd like us, so let’s take a look at some other juicy findings from the data.

First up, a rather surprising one: where people to choose to stand on the platform before the train comes in. Way out in front – 53% of you – choose your spot with the destination exit in mind, in order to save a walk at the other end. Only 24% move to the ends where, ordinarily, there’ll be a bit more room in the carriage – you know, so you can breathe without being pressed up against a window like a sardine. You lazy bunch of toads you.

Non-Londoners, get ready to bristle here, because the next chart shows just how impatient the capital’s residents are, with 66% of them considering that five minutes or more is a ‘long time’ to wait for a train. Amazingly, 13% don’t start to get impatient until a 10-minute wait arises – presumably every single one of these are tourists from elsewhere who are over the moon with the two buses a day that go through their locality.

Escalators: should you walk every time, stand every time, or mix it up a bit and just say ‘to hell with it, I’ll do whatever I’m feeling today because carpe diem, right’? Well, it’s a pretty even split. Never let it be said that Londoners don’t know how to live free.

And would you prefer strangers on the underground to try and talk to you, or leave you the hell alone? Common sense prevails, with 55% of passengers wanting silence on their journeys. Again, the 24% who would prefer people to talk to them, are clearly not from London. You, the 24%: you are all strange.

(Main image: Josh Wilburne, others: YouGov)