London streets are about to use 'pee-proof' paint

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Chris Sayer

Caught short in east London? You’re about to get caught out in the most embarrassing way possible.

Hackney council are preparing to paint the town a very different colour than red, as they introduce pee-repelling paint to the walls of so-called ‘wet spots’ in the Shoreditch and Dalston areas in a bid to discourage late-night revellers from urinating in the streets.

The hydrophobic coating, which proved a huge success in San Francisco earlier this year, works by bouncing the peeing perpatrator’s wee right back onto their clothes.  

"The coating creates a barrier that completely repels liquid,” the council said. “This means that anyone choosing to use the walls as a toilet will see their urine bounce off, covering their shoes and trousers. It also stops urine soaking into the wall – reducing stains and smells."

The move aims to reduce the yearly £100,000 the council spend on washing walls and pavements. 

So think twice the next time you party into the wee hours. 


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Chris Sayer

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