Police leave a cheeky note for weed farm owners after discovering their plants

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Carl Anka

Thames Valley Police were the model of politeness this week after stumbling upon a cannabis farm in Oxford.

The London police officers unearthed a cannabis plantation following a tip off from a local do gooder.

Alas, the persons responsible for the farm were unavailable for a visit, so in a lovely little move, officers left a note saying the owners could pick up their product if they drop them a line. 

“Ooops! Sorry we missed each other, but feel free to call me on 101 so we can discuss a deal”, police wrote on the note, even signing it off with a “Lots of love, TVP xx.”

Two whole kisses. What charmers.

Thames Valley Police have reported the cannabis collection has since been "seized and destroyed”. No arrests have yet been made – obviously the owners didn’t fancy making that call...


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