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One of America's most popular sandwich chains is coming to the UK

Listen up, sandwich fans

One of America's most popular sandwich chains is coming to the UK
Tom Victor
06 February 2018

While we might want to lay claim to the humble sandwich, Americans have taken it to a whole new level – just as they did with The Office, sports called football, and people named Chris Evans.

We’re not going to get bogged down into debating what counts as a sandwich – not after what happened last time we tried that – but we do come bearing good news.

Fresh from reports of Slim Chickens opening up a fried chicken restaurant in the UK, we’ve got an update on yet another American import.

Which Wich? Is already a popular American chain, with hundreds of branches across the US, Central America and Gulf States, and London will soon be treated to its first European opening.

The Texas-based chain will open up in London on 28 February, and we expect them to make a fair bit of noise about it before then.

Its first location will be in Central St Giles – near enough to the West End to make it worth a stop, but not too deep into tourist country that it’ll be impossible to get served.

As for what’s on offer, there’s a create-your-own vibe as well as some original creations – much like a couple of other American sandwich chains to have already made it to these shores.

Regular menu items in Which Wich?’s US stores include a superfood sandwich, a gyro (which we now know exactly how to pronounce) and something they call ‘Authentic Philly’ (it’s a cheesesteak, in case you hadn’t guessed).

However, things are going to be a little different menu-wise in the UK, with country-specific options including Chicken Tikka, Banh Mi and Loaded BBQ Pork, as well as a full breakfast menu comprised of muffins and breakfast pots.

There are plenty of options for those who prefer to build a sandwich in their own image, with unfamiliar bread options (including spinach wraps, or the chance to forego bread altogether and wrap your fillings in lettuce) as well as a wealth of veggie or vegan fillings.

Finally, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to cheeses, veggies, dressings and sauces, with a range of dozens of free add-ons to go with your main meat or vegetarian ingredient.

Did we mention shakes? Yeah, they do those too, including an Oreo milkshake. Not bad.

(Main image: Which Wich?)