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One of America’s best fried chicken restaurants is coming to the UK

We can't wait for this one

One of America’s best fried chicken restaurants is coming to the UK
Tom Victor
29 January 2018

The United States might not do many things better than us in the UK, but they’ve got our number when it comes to fast food.

Late last year we had the announcement that the Habit Burger Grill, one of America’s best, was coming to these shores to rub shoulders with fellow imports Shake Shack, Five Guys and the rest.

But burgers are old hat now. We’ve spent years getting the best the US has to offer, and it’s time to move onto another foodstuff for which the Land of the Free has made its name.

What’s that, you ask? Fried chicken, of course, and – as if by magic – one of the country’s hidden fried chicken gems is on its way to London.

Fried chicken might be a nationwide delicacy, but it has its home in the southern states.

We’re all familiar with Kentucky Fried Chicken, and with the spicier version native to Nashville, Tennessee, but some of the top American chains are huge in their regions but yet to make it to the big coastal cities.

One of these chains is the excellently-named Slim Chickens, which was founded in Arkansas in 2003 and now has more than 60 branches across the US, as well as one international outlet in Kuwait. However, if you don’t live in the south, you’re unlikely to have come across even one Slim Chickens restaurant.

Now, though, according to Hot Dinners, they have partnered with Harry Ramsden’s owners Boparan Holdings ahead of launching their first UK restaurant in the Spring.

We’re yet to get word of an official menu for the London branch, but if the US equivalents are anything to go by we’ll be in for chicken, chicken, and more chicken.

You can get chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps, chicken tenders, chicken wings, chicken salads and chicken and waffles. There’s even the option of platters of up to 30 tenders or wings, served with house-made dipping sauces.

We really hope they replicate their range of traditional southern sides when they land in the UK: menus in Arkansas and Texas, where most of their branches are located, include dishes such as mac & cheese, Texas toast and fried pickles.

And, as Big Hospitality notes, they’re currently scouting out potential sites. Plural.

(Main image: Slim Chickens/Pixabay)