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Liam Gallagher did a Reddit AMA and, naturally, it's brilliant

He reveals his favourite booze, biscuits, and of course, insults Noel

Liam Gallagher did a Reddit AMA and, naturally, it's brilliant
10 October 2017

Liam Gallagher is inescapable at the moment: on every chat show going, in every magazine, all over the radio and chucking out memorable quotes all over the shop as he promotes his debut solo album, As You Were, which looks like hitting the number one spot on Friday.

He’s also becoming unpredictable, patching up his quarrel with Idris Elba and then, most shocking of all, this last night:

Just what will he come out with next? Who knows, reader, who knows.

Which is why his Reddit AMA promised to be essential viewing - and it did not disappoint.

Here are just a few of the many highlights:

Easy starter for ten

An early dig at Noel, of course

Just ‘alcohol’

We think ‘retro604’ is right on this one

Come on Liam, Phil would win easy, it wouldn’t even be close


How do you wrap that?

As if it could be anything else

Too bloody right




Also correct

Essential biscuit and brew chat

Loves a rich tea does our Liam

Mystic Liam

We’ll take that as a no


Fair play

Also correct


Thanks Liam, don’t stop being you.

(Images: Rex)