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Liam Gallagher has gone on another rant - and this time it's only partly about Noel

He'll never stop

Liam Gallagher has gone on another rant - and this time it's only partly about Noel

In terms of celebrities who are worth following on Twitter, Liam Gallagher is right up there.

He’s one celeb you can be absolutely certain uses the app himself, rather than getting a publicist to do it for him, because there’s no way a publicist would think he stuff he posts on there almost daily is a good idea.

He’s been on a lot of rants lately – mostly, shockingly, directed towards his brother, Noel. He called his big bro a “sad fuck” for not joining him for the One Love Manchester benefit concert a month ago, and now he’s going after U2.

Why U2 and why now, you ask? Well, that would be because a certain Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are supporting them at Twickenham Stadium this weekend.

It started when a random man on Twitter cheekily asked Liam if he’d be attending the gig.

Liam clearly hadn’t called anyone a twat for a good part of five minutes, so he decided to reply, making very clear he’s not a fan of Bono and his band (is he a fan of any band other than the ones he’s been in?).

Yep, that’s right, Liam would rather “eat his own shit” than listen to U2 apparently. But then again, Liam did once call Chris Martin a geography teacher, and the pair were up on stage together last month.

Maybe his plan is to eat the shit and then share it with Bono, a bit like this?

Liam wasn’t quite finished with his little outburst. He went on to label U2 “toff rock”, before returning to Twitter a few hours later making much less sense.

We’re going to assume “bingo” and “bongo” are both referring to Bono here. Bono who perhaps once did such a bad fart in front of Liam that he’s never forgotten it? Or maybe Liam just had a very childish sense of humour? Either way, it looks like he went to bed soon after, or at least logged out of Twitter, which was probably a good call on his part.

We’ll leave you with a few of Liam’s classic insults, because why not?

On Pete Doherty: “What does the word Libertine mean? Freedom! He’s in the corner doing smack with a helmet on his head. There’s nothing free about that. It’s nasty.”

On Robbie Williams: “He’s a fucking drama queen. You make a crap album then want everyone to feel sorry for you. Tosser!”

On Florence Welch: “I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but she sounds like someone’s stood on her fucking foot. I’m not having someone with ginger hair making music. I’m not going down that road.”

On Blur: "Being a lad is what I'm about. I can tell you who isn't a lad - anyone from Blur."