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Liam Gallagher has become the unlikely voice of reason on immigration

It's hard to argue with this

Liam Gallagher has become the unlikely voice of reason on immigration
11 October 2017

Is there anything Liam Gallagher can’t do?

Well, arguably, write amazing songs. Alright, but even he’s admitted that in the past. And actually ‘Songbird’ was really good.

But aside from that.

He’s a constant comic genius, he’s got great advice for what to do when flying, he has good opinions on tea and biscuits - oh, and he’s a brilliant singer whose debut solo album is headed for number one this weekend.

But he’s a man who’s rarely ventured into politics. He’s not stupid, why get involved in something so potentially divisive?

But just check this quote out - for a man who’d you’d maybe expect to put his big size nines in and be totally uncompromising, this is possibly the most sensible thing we’ve ever read:

He said, when asked in an interview for his thoughts on Brexit:

“No thoughts on it, man. I love Europe. I guess the borders have got to be tightened but all that stuff about going ‘This is my country’, I don’t get that. We all live under one sky. I certainly don’t sit there and go, ‘This is my f**kin’ England, stay out’, but I think we should definitely keep an eye on who’s coming in and out of the country. That just makes common sense because you don’t want a load of loony c**ts coming in. But good people should be allowed to move and groove wherever they want.”

This is a man who would clearly make an excellent Foreign Secretary.

Boris out, Liam in. You heard it here first.

(Image: Rex)