Liam Gallagher has shut down Oasis reunion rumours in the most Liam Gallager way possible


Some might say an Oasis reunion is long overdue. Not Liam Gallagher though.

Dashing fan hopes that the Mancunian outfit are set to reform for some one-off shows, the oft-outspoken singer has just all but shut down the rumour mill via a series of bizarre Tweets, in which he also found time to insult brother Noel.

First, he called his younger sibling a ‘potato’.

And then once again for good measure:

Even the fans themselves came in for some stick, as Gallagher all but invited them to start crying their hearts out.

Then he went and really went for the jugular, comparing Noel’s High Flying Birds to Wham.

And then if his feelings to a reunion weren't already made abundantly clear, he then had this to say:

Looks like someone should learn how to stop looking back in anger.