Leo DiCaprio has a secret twin competing in the Olympic archery


Well it appears all that training for The Revenant wasn't wasted: Leonardo DiCaprio is a surprise entrant to the 2016 Olympic Archery competition.

Or is he? Well, no - but Twitter did what Twitter does and managed to spot what surely must be his secret twin, Brady Ellison, competing for the US team this weekend.

Consider the evidence:

Need any more convincing? Here you go:

Case settled.

Of course, this isn't the first secret Leo twin that's been spotted - back in January, we found another twin working for the Russian government:

So that's really a set of Leo triplets out there now, isn't it?

Amazingly, that wasn't all in lookalike news for today, with a Russian Jim Carrey cropping up on Imgur:

Or perhaps he's just wearing a Mask...

(Images: Rex/AllStar)