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Legit or Hoax? Sony's PS4 Slim photos leak online

Legit or Hoax? Sony's PS4 Slim photos leak online

Legit or Hoax? Sony's PS4 Slim photos leak online

"See the Future."

Having used this slogan as part of its marketing campaign for the original model back in 2013, Sony now appears to have taken this phrase to the next level, giving gamers a huge peek at the PS4 Slim weeks before its release.

Or did the company even know about these shots, leaked by Twitter user Shortmaneighty2 who started posting photos of the new console yesterday after he bought it on - of all places - Gumtree, adding that it would be available for everyone in three weeks?

OK, with Sony primed to make a big announcement in New York in early September, the timing makes sense, but surely the biggest flaw in this story is if you had a new PlayStation console three weeks before release date why would you sell it for only £295? Why not paint it gold, tell the world and let fan boys fight over it for a million.

Seeing it laid out rather boringly on a carpet with the box and wiring isn't the grandest of photo opps, which makes us think it's less of a clever marketing ploy by the company, following the likes of Apple in managed product leaks, and more a PR sh*tstorm after a box potentially went AWOL.

Moreover, the box or console does not state the exact name, as it just has PS4, as the old one does, and is much slimmer than the current version.

For now we'll remain skeptical, and await the 7 September gala when Sony announce whatever it is they've got planned. We don't expect Gumtree to be a major partner.

Let’s do a rundown of the photos and you can decide for yourself.

The return of the black brick

Smaller than the original PS4 and has the same black box feel that all PlayStations have

Inside the box...

Some of these cables are said to be for the new VR device that is to launch in October 

Just PS4 not Slim on the box

One thing that is very suspicious is the lack of Slim branding as it is not on the box or the fine print of the inside sleeve

A comparison of the regular and the 'slim'

If this is a slim console then they are talking about slim in comparison to a concrete block.