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Left-handed people might really be more intelligent than right-handed people, new study shows

It's a win for the lefties

Left-handed people might really be more intelligent than right-handed people, new study shows

Chances are, you, reading this, are right handed. Most people are. However, according to a recent study, it turns out that you might not be as good at the quiz machine as lefties.

It’s long been mooted that left-handed people are more cleverer than right-handed people like me, but really, the jury is still out. Why is this hypothesis constantly bandied about, though? Well, left-handed people have a more developed right brain hemisphere, which looks after spatial reasoning. They also have a larger connectivity between the two hemispheres, which basically means they have superior information processing.

This may be why there are a greater number of left-handed musicians, artists, architects and chess players. But my right-handed jury and I are still out on a jolly. We need proof before submitting to the left-handed peril.

So, to satiate our need for cold, hard evidence, IFLScience! carried out its own study to (hopefully) bury this stupid myth in its deep, foul, rancid grave. Right-handedness will prevail!

Lefties are better at arithmetic than right-handers

What IFLScience! did, was carry out a bunch of experiments on over 2,300 primary and secondary school students, in which they were asked mathematical questions of varying difficulty.

The results are clearly a lie. Because it turns out that left-handed people out-performed the right-handers, big time: when considering complex mathematical problems, the lefties hit the leaderboard. When carrying out simple arithmetic, there was no real difference in results between the two groups. Also discovered was that people that use their right hand for everything, termed “extreme right-handers”, were the worst of the lot. Luckily I use my left hand to [redacted] so I’m OK – I’m not a complete dunce.

So yeah, if you’re left-handed, you’re the most intelligent. Big whoop, well done, pat yourself on the right side of your back. I don’t care. I’m right-handed and I’m still the hippest, most coolest dude on campus with the most babes, so you can take your left hand, and stick it up your nose, bozo. We out.

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