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Leaked pictures show that the new Macbook could be very different

The keyboard is getting a slick new feature

Leaked pictures show that the new Macbook could be very different
01 June 2016

While the internet continues to whip itself into a frenzy over each and every bit of iPhone 7 news, a new Apple product has slunk in from the shadows to grab some of the hype: the new MacBook Pro.

Rumoured to be released alongside the iPhone 7 this autumn, some new pictures of Apple's sleek laptop have cropped up on Cult of Mac - and there are some big changes afoot. 

Here's the current MacBook Pro

Look at it, all lovely and uniform with its black keys and shiny metal surface.

You just want to lick it, right? No? Just us...

And here's the new one

This blurred, shadowed image might not look like much at first - but it actually heralds a big shift for the MacBook Pro. 

See that space above the function keys (F1, F2, that underused bunch)? That's where a new OLED touchpad is going to sit. Nifty, eh? This could be used for scrolling, pinching, zooming, or change functions depending on what program you're running.

That's not all

The leaked photos, which apparently come from an anonymous source working at a Chinese assembly plant, also suggests the laptop will be a smidgen thinner.

While the iPhone 7 is rumoured to be dropping the 3.5mm headphone hole, the MacBook Pro will keep it, but come with four USB-C connections.

As we edge closer to a reveal of Apple's major products for 2016, you can expect these sorts of leaks to start raining down on the web thick and fast. We'll bring you the freshest blurred images as soon as they've been sneaked out of a warehouse in China. 

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