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Latest shots of The Edgar Allan Poe Statue

Latest shots of The Edgar Allan Poe Statue

Latest shots of The Edgar Allan Poe Statue

Open your diary. Turn to 5 October. Look to see if it reads ‘Edgar Allan Poe’s statue unveiling in Boston’, and, if the answer is 'no', amend that immediately.

Yes, that’s right, 5 October is when the master of macabre will be returning to the city of his birth - permanently, thanks to a life-size, bronze-cast and fittingly gothic statue designed by professional sculptor Stefanie Rocknak, who beat 265 other competing artists for the honour.

Dubbed ‘Poe Returning To Boston’, it’s a mantra typified by a marching stance with suitcase in-hand as the nomadic author finds himself accompanied by a raven, for obvious reasons. And as we think you’ll agree from the images below, the detail is astonishing, uncannily capturing the author’s likeness right down to his furrowed brow and sleepless eyes.

It’s to be planted just three days before the 165th anniversary of the writer’s death, specifically on the corner of an area known as Edgar Allan Poe Square, just two blocks from where the great man was born back in 1809.

That sound you can hear is us preparing our own suitcase for Boston. We'll see you there.

(Images: Stefanie Rocknak)