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Lady Gaga fans are writing fake bad reviews of 'Venom' to support 'A Star Is Born'

This is naughty...

Lady Gaga fans are writing fake bad reviews of 'Venom' to support 'A Star Is Born'
03 October 2018

Not sure if you’ve seen them, but the first reactions are out for Venom, Marvel’s latest creation to hit the screen (again), and they’re, erm, not… good.

Twitter, it appears, are not fans:

Wuh woh, not looking good. But notice something there - weird how many of the tweets trash Venom and then head straight onto plugging A Star Is Born - maybe something is afoot here?

It certainly is:

Yep, seems that a campaign has spread amongst Lady Gaga fans which involves bombarding Twitter with fake bad reviews of Venom to damage its reputation and box-office takings, thereby leaving the arena open for A Star Is Born to jump in and reap the rewards.

It’s a sad state of affairs when this type of thing happens - as it did with the case of the Russian trolls and Star Wars: The Last Jedi - because it’s yet another blow to our old friend “the internet” and its function as a means of gathering information and being a lovely utopia where everyone gets along. Everyone is a liar - a big fat, no-movie-seeing liar!

Of course, there are reliable (or at least legit) reviewers tweeting their opinions too, and some of them aren’t exactly positive. 

But then again - as with everything - some people liked it. Like everything in life.

So maybe, just maybe, you could make up your own mind. Go and watch it, or wait for it to hit streaming, wait until it’s on terrestrial if you like - but use that big brain of yours to decide whether you like it, because you certainly can’t trust the internet. The big digital FIBBER!

(Image: 20th Century Fox)