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This knife made of pasta is as cool as it is stupid, and we're OK with that

Wait, what?

This knife made of pasta is as cool as it is stupid, and we're OK with that
06 March 2018

Have you ever cooked some pasta at home and bemoaned the fact that you have to wash up your prep knife afterwards? We’re guessing no.

After all, a tiny bit of cutlery is just a drop in the ocean when you’ve got pans, colanders and stirring spoons to wash up, plus whatever chopping boards you’ve used while making the sauce.

Besides, you’re probably too busy worrying you’re cooking pasta wrong to concern yourself with how you might be preparing it wrong too.

With that in mind, the idea of a knife you don’t have to clean is hardly groundbreaking…until you find out why this new knife doesn’t require any washing up.

That’s right, friends, it’s a knife made of pasta. And if you’re wondering why it exists, you’re already asking the wrong questions.

This video on the kiwami japan YouTube channel explains how it works, using the strength and elasticity of dried pasta to create a knife sharp enough to chop tomatoes for your sauce.

The knife-maker puts a handful of dried pasta into a food processor, adds some water and semolina flour, vacuum seals it all, uses a real kitchen knife as a mould and then dries the pasta knife for a week, which seems like a lot more effort than just washing up a knife, to be honest.

They then sharpen the knife as they would any other, and by the end of the process you’re left with a sharp enough knife to cut tomatoes.

However, unlike a regular knife, you can then add it to your pan of boiling water and serve it up with the sauce as a delicious, well-rounded meal.

So, it’s not a quick process by any stretch of the imagination.

It doesn’t noticeably save on washing up.

You’re left with a knife-shaped piece of pasta which you have to cut up with a fork and – you guessed it – a knife.

And in this recipe, our chef doesn’t even use the tomatoes he’s cut up with the pasta knife.

So, in short, there’s no discernible positive from the process, and yet we desperately want one. After all, plenty of the best inventions are dumb as hell and completely impractical, but still look cool – and this is no exception.

You could say, when it comes to ridiculous inventions, we’re pasta point of no return.

(Images: Pixabay/Rex)