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Killer Ratings looks to be one of Netflix’s best docs yet

Murder most horrid

Killer Ratings looks to be one of Netflix’s best docs yet
10 June 2019

Shows like Crimewatch, which detail real-life crimes, are horrifying enough on their own. But in the early 00s Walter Souza, the host of Brazil’s Canal Livre, managed to make it even more grisly.

His show – which exposed murders, kidnappings and other crimes – was so popular he was elected congressman in his home state of Amazonas. It later transpired he had ordered murders in order to reach crime scenes first and boost his ratings.

Souza’s story is the topic of a new Netflix documentary, Killer Ratings. And it is already receiving rave reviews.

Fans have been lapping it up.

“Last night I started to watch a new Brazilian true crime series, Killer Ratings - a Netflix Original - and it's really, really good,” one fan wrote. “Fascinating and wild story. Can't wait until I'm tonight to continue with it!”

And another described it as “completely fascinating and horrifying” – which, as crime documentaries go, is a pretty good endorsement.

Killer Ratings is available to watch on Netflix now. Prepare to be blown away. Finished Killer Ratings? Here are the best Netflix TV shows to fire up next. .