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KFC's bizarre new ad campaign trolls clean-eating bloggers

All is not what it seems

KFC's bizarre new ad campaign trolls clean-eating bloggers
24 February 2017

We don’t care how experimental their kale combinations are, there isn’t a cheerful YouTuber on the planet who eats cleaner than Figgy Poppleton-Rice.

Cauliflower, according to Figgy’s philosophy, isn’t a food – it’s a lifestyle choice. When Figgy boils an egg for her breakfast, she swaps out the carb-loaded soldiers for a pile of rocket lettuce, because that’s actually a totally viable substitute. If Figgy’s hosting a dinner party, the lucky guests can look forward to such canapes as cucumber stuffed with carrot. She’s a fucking clean-eating revolutionary. 

Mainly, though, we like Figgy Poppleton-Rice because she’s a parody of the just-a-teeny-bit-smug clean-eating movement, and a pretty funny one at that. The brains behind the operation? Err, KFC, weirdly.

In what would appear to be a cheeky pop at people who would sooner Instagram filtered pictures of spinach than go face-first into a Bargain Bucket, the fast good giant seem to be collaborating with Figgy (who it looks like they’ve invented themselves) as part of a hoax ad campaign.

The KFC Twitter account has even been advertising a new #Cleaneating Burger with Figgy’s endorsement. Chia-seeded cauliflower, unsweetened almond yoghurt, ice cube relish – what’s not to love? 

We’re still not entirely sure what the point of all this is, but Figgy is active on a number of social media platforms. 

She even has her own website, where you can find such delights as Figgy’s Dirty Dog. 


1 x raw carrot
1 x raw aubergine
Handful of sweetcorn
Mineral water



Will this new direction garner the fried chicken experts the viral tidal wave they’re after? Stay tuned to find out. 

(Main image credit: KFC/Twitter)