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Kendrick Lamar just announced his new album and it's coming this Friday

It is called 'DAMN.' and we are like 'damn'.

Kendrick Lamar just announced his new album and it's coming this Friday
11 April 2017

Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper in the world and nobody can really doubt that anymore. Any current top three MC conversations that doesn’t include Lamar or at least concede that it’s almost unfair to include him in with mere mortals is just an absolute disgrace. 

(For the record: Kendrick then Anderson Paak then Isiah Rashad for me. Please continue to never @ me)

Anyway, Kendrick’s already dropped the single ‘Humble’ (above), came through with a Drake skewering new track last week called “The Heart, part 4” and now he’s announced an entire new album, rumoured to be released this Friday – making it a very Good Friday indeed:

In case your peepers are all sleepers, here's the tracklisting:

1. Blood

2. DNA

3. Yah

4. Element

5. Feel

6. Loyalty ft. Rihanna

7. Pride

8. Humble

9. Lust

10. Love

11. XXX ft. U2

12. Fear

13. God

14. Duckworth

A few snap-judgements here: 

- Most of these track titles sound a bit like they’re cribbed directly from Magnum ice-cream marketing campaigns

- KENDRICK HAS DONE A TRACK WITH LITERALLY U2? (Or has he just sampled them, like Jay and Kanye did on “Otis” with the long-dead Otis Redding)

- There’s a track called Duckworth and if it’s about Jim and Vera, I’m gonna fully start crying

- The pettiness of dissing Drake and then including the love of Drake’s life, his full IDST heart-of-hearts queen, Rihanna on a track called “Loyalty” is so delicious I think I can skip lunch and dinner.

We can’t wait.

(Main Image: Rex)