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Viewers are angry at ITV for censoring Kendrick Lamar's BRITs performance

Even a Chuckle brother weighed in

Viewers are angry at ITV for censoring Kendrick Lamar's BRITs performance
22 February 2018

Something you should probably expect if you book a Kendrick Lamar performance is a little bit of swearing. Socially conscious, conceptual, extraordinarily delivered swearing, but still quite a lot of effs and esses.

ITV possibly hadn’t looked at his Genius page when broadcasting the BRITs last night, because they seemed needlessly scandalised by the language involved in his performance (even though it took place after the watershed), muting large sections of it.

This, combined with technical faults, meant his appearance, a performance art-esque medley of ‘FEEL.’ and ‘New Freezer’, delivered from atop a glass cube containing Rich The Kid smashing a Lamborghini, was a much less evocative experience on television than in person. 

A Guardian journalist who was at the ceremony, for instance, described it as “an artful, elliptical tableaux… its eerie energy – cheerleader dancers out front, Beckettian theatre-making out back – was like little the BRITs has ever seen before”. Someone on Twitter, in contrast, wrote: “Can’t hear anything, this is shit.”

Viewers on Twitter were generally unimpressed.

ITV also hadn’t thought about the potential danger of their actions.

Some people were just annoyed about the car, which we’re reasonably certain was a replica and not a real £200,000 Lamborghini.

National treasure Paul Chuckle of the Chuckle brothers was also watching, and was less than impressed.

It’s a travesty, Paul Chuckle.

(Image: Rex)