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Kanye West is quitting politics, everybody - and that's probably a good thing


Kanye West is quitting politics, everybody - and that's probably a good thing
31 October 2018

It’s great when musicians get involved in politics, isn’t it? Particularly when they have no idea what they’re on about. Especially when they are entirely unhinged like Kanye West. That’s the best-case scenario, when that happens. Love it.

And that’s exactly what Kanye’s been doing of late - getting all up in politics grill and being mates with Trump and ranting on SNLand just generally being an extremely loud and obnoxious political megaphone.

Thankfully, it appears he may have realised his mistake, and shall be taking a step away from it all, paricularly the ‘Blexit’ campaign (Black Exit) which was encouraging African-American voters to leave the Democratic Party. He took to Twitter to reveal the fantastic news:

In case you were wondering, ‘Candace’ refers to Candace Owens, who is running the Blexit campaign.

So yeah, good stuff, right everyone? Kanye getting involved in politics was not really something we needed (particularly when he’s got an album he needs dropping, the slow-coach), so the news he’s taking a step back to focus on “being creative” is great. It’s just a shame it’s come so late - he’s not exactly got a good track-record, has he? Those comments on slavery weren’t exactly welcome, were they? Probably best he just sticks to music.

So, more massive square shirts and huge flip-flops, and fewer MAGA hats, yeah?

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