John Oliver just said what most of us are thinking about Donald Trump and it was brutal

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Joe Ellison

“Donald Trump is America’s back mole – it seemed harmless a year ago but now it’s gotten frighteningly bigger it is no longer wise to ignore.”

John Oliver's got a point - and if you live in America you will do well to listen to his brutal take-down on Donald Trump from the most recent HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

With the likelihood that Trump will win the Republican Party’s ticket increasing by the day, Oliver decided enough was enough, that no one-off gags would do, proceeding to devote the entire one-topic segment in the second half of his show to convincing voters that the man is all kinds of wrong.

It’s not hard to make Trump look like a fool of course, he does a pretty good job of that himself, but thanks to Oliver’s intelligent opinion, satire, excellent Photoshop skills and, yes, disgusting analogies, there may be hope yet that the next man stepping into the Oval Office won’t be a lunatic.

Trump will probably launch some sort of retort. But at least Oliver can console himself knowing his biggest enemy is no longer the President of Ecuador.


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