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John Mayer launches the most ostentatious jewellery range we've ever seen

Horrific doesn't even begin to cover it

John Mayer launches the most ostentatious jewellery range we've ever seen
22 September 2016

Some modern musicians have a fantastic sense of style: Blossoms, Bring Me The Horizon. But some modern musicians dress so badly it actually hurts you physically to witness it. John Mayer falls into the latter.

The US singer songwriter who inspired a league of irksome teenagers to pick up an acoustic guitar and learn four chords in an effort to pick up girls at an open mic night has created his own line of jewellery - and it is truly atrocious.

He's teamed up with craftsman George Frost to produce a line of necklaces and bracelets that look like the type of DIY nonsense you made in school for your mum, which she received on Mother's Day and extremely resented because she wanted your dad to buy an espresso machine that was from you.

And as if having a beaded bracelets and a rope necklace wasn't bad enough, the guy's only went and put his bloody initials on it! You're not Calvin Klein, mate, don't flatter yourself.

*Carves a K between J and M*

"Oh, what does JKM stand for?"

"Just kill me"

Why? WHY?!
Some men just want to watch the world burn
He hasn't even bothered finishing this one off
Just when you thought purity rings were the absolute worst
We really don't need this right now