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We have our first look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Ooooooh, scary!

We have our first look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker
17 September 2018

We’ve banged on a lot about the new movie all about Batman’s favourite, erm, joker, The Joker, that’s just started filming, but we’ve yet to see any official piccies from the film as of yet. 

Joaquin Phoenix as a big clown? What will that look like? We rated internet fan-art ideas, but how will the film actually depict the infamous character?

Well, we’ve finally got our first look at Phoenix as the character. Would you like to see it? Would you like to see the scary bad guy that has caused Batman so much trouble over the years? Would that make you happy? Well, brace yourselves, for here HE BLOODY WELL IS:

PICK THOSE JAWS UP OFF THE FLOOR! There he is, The Joker, in a jacket and a shirt and with some hair!

But then what were we to expect? This is an origin story, so the majority of the film will follow The Joker before he becomes The Joker, when he’s just Arthur, some ‘bloke’. And there, up a few inches, is a picture of a ‘bloke’.

We also have some more pics of a bloke, and also a video. Look:

There’s no word really on whether we’ll actually see The Joker as we know and hate him, because as has been reported, this film seems to be going for a crime noir vibe, a rooted-in-the-real-world type feel, so it might be that old Phoenix looks like that the whole way through.

We’ll find out when the film hits cinemas (that’s mean, what did the cinema ever do to deserve that?) on October 4 next year. 

(Image: Warner/DC Comics)