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Here's 13 glorious photos of Jeff Goldblum getting his star on the Walk of Fame

Just look at lovely Jeff

Here's 13 glorious photos of Jeff Goldblum getting his star on the Walk of Fame

We have just one question: how did it take this long?

Fully 25 years after the greatest performance in movie history (in Jurassic Park, which goes without saying, even though we literally did just say it) Jeff Goldblum finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Goldblum, of course, the gentleman dinosaur expert that he is, used his acceptance speech to praise all the other entertainment giants receiving their own stars this year, which include Jack Black and Jennifer Lawrence.

His is the 2,638th star to be issued since the very first star was issued: director Stanley Kramer back on 28 March, 1960.

2,638 is a lot isn’t it? Our one probably can’t be too far away now.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for trivia did you? You came to see lovely photos of lovely smiling Jeff - (the greatest person we’ve ever met btw - “I go into a store, look around and proclaim, ‘Everything in this store validates the decisions I have already made,’ and leave”)

Don’t say we don’t treat you.

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1. Casual Jeff

2. Cheeky smile Jeff

3. Laughing Jeff

4. Clapping Jeff

5. Open palm Jeff

6. Family Jeff

7. Certificate Jeff

8. Handsome Jeff

9. Daddy Jeff

10. ‘Who, me?’ Jeff

11. Quizzical Jeff

12. Husband Jeff

13. Vexed Jeff

A couple more? Oh go on then.

14. Slinky Jeff

15. Back to casual Jeff


(Images: Getty)