Jeep is selling mud in a can for your car. No, really


Are you familiar with the expression "like selling ice to an Eskimo"? 

Jeep's German branch are apparently taking the adage quite literally, by selling mud to Jeep owners.

Mud. In a can. With Jeep branding on it. 

Containing 375ml of "Real Dirt", the Mud Mask is a tongue-burrowed-in-cheek promotional stunt, aimed at Jeep owners who are "missing the adventure" of a drive in the great outdoors. 

The mud can either be applied to the face of the Jeep owner, or plastered all over their Jeep to give it that "freshly driven through a field of crap" look popular with farmers and people who enjoy spending their weekend ruining small parts of the countryside with offroading.

It's not the first time this an idiotic idea has hit the market. Back in 2005 a Shropshire-based company sold spray-on mud in a can for £7.95, aimed mainly at London four-by-four owners. 

You can't buy Jeep's new mud offer, but rather have to apply to win a can

Or you could just drive through some puddles? 


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